Sunday, August 7, 2011

Can you smell Eric Northman Jumper Dress anyone????

So, I found this amazing online tool that will convert any image into an Intarsia Pattern for you, it's called the Knit Pro App. I started playing around with some Photoshop and the App and got a number of Intarsia Patterns to knit my very own Eric Northman jumperdress....or at least that's the plan....once I have the sofa covered and I only just ordered Navy, White and Red yarns for a little nautical knitting that I was planning to do. So now I'll have to order some different grey yarns and loadsa black yarn and a bit of red in the same quality to make my very own Eric Northman/Fangtasia dress/shirt thingy........

By the way, the Knit Pro App works better if you put one of the filters on photoshop onto the image so that they're simplified, otherwise the pattern gets way too complicated!

I'm still a bit undecided as to which Eric to go for......maybe the second one?! He looks so perfectly sinister *swooooon* Anyways I think I will just do the Fangtasia Logo on the back of it then :)

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