Thursday, October 27, 2011


I seem to have no time to do anything! I'm still working on those sofacushions and even though I have to admit they look absolutely fab, they're not done yet. Then I'm trying to sort out all the christmas presents.......scarves, mittens and not to forget about my niece's knitted farmyard!!!!

EEEEK!!!!!! whatever will I do?

I'm looking for little elves that may want to help me get all my stuff done!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Can you smell Eric Northman Jumper Dress anyone????

So, I found this amazing online tool that will convert any image into an Intarsia Pattern for you, it's called the Knit Pro App. I started playing around with some Photoshop and the App and got a number of Intarsia Patterns to knit my very own Eric Northman jumperdress....or at least that's the plan....once I have the sofa covered and I only just ordered Navy, White and Red yarns for a little nautical knitting that I was planning to do. So now I'll have to order some different grey yarns and loadsa black yarn and a bit of red in the same quality to make my very own Eric Northman/Fangtasia dress/shirt thingy........

By the way, the Knit Pro App works better if you put one of the filters on photoshop onto the image so that they're simplified, otherwise the pattern gets way too complicated!

I'm still a bit undecided as to which Eric to go for......maybe the second one?! He looks so perfectly sinister *swooooon* Anyways I think I will just do the Fangtasia Logo on the back of it then :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I suppose I owe you collection photos too.......

Shame on me...I never actually posted photos of any of the finished pieces here :)
Well here we go!

Starting with my 3rd year Iron Maiden collection (the two outfits in the middle are mine):

Followed by my 4th year degree collection "Ice Cream Sunday":

This was an 8 outfit collection with loads of knit and dip dyeing....a few intricate hand tooled eyelet patterns that can't be seen properly and tuck stitching without punchcards.......the machines in college were a bit dodgy :(

I was also lucky enough to be a finalist in the Nokia Young Designer Awards 2010 with a Kick Ass Knitdress Design that made one of the big papers in Ireland and covered half the page :) I'll have to scan in the Clipping one of these days!

Hello's been a while

I kinda forgot about this a little to be honest *ashamed face* not much has happened here since the start of a VERY stressful 4th am I glad that that is over....

So what'S new in the world of Turbo(k)nitty?! Well I recently purchased we another Knitting Machine, a Brother KH 830 with a KR 850 Ribber :D YAY!!!!!!!!

I really want to get back into the swing of things after taking pretty much a year killed the buzz for me! So far I've just been playing with my new toy.....oh yeah and I have another new toy! I got myself a Nikon D5000, so hopefully I'll be super creative and get to do loads of photos!!!!!

I finally managed to cover two Armchairs we got of Mr. Grumpy's mum for our sitting room! One of them is my Hello Kitty Armchair, this was done first. and then I finally managed to use up some of the leftover Iron Maiden fabric from my third year collection to make Mr. Grumpy's armchair. However it seems to occupied more by the cat than Mr. Grumpy himself :D

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Scary....4th did I end up here??????

Soooo, I'm in 4th year now, how did I end up here? It's scary, the summer flew and despite best intentions to keep my blog up I didn't. Now I'm swamped with work and should be working on my Persil entry, if indeed it actually ends up as an entry.

I got a knitting machine , it's fab, but it's very vintage indeed (1950s is the guess) so I had a few problems figuring it out. I kinda did figure it out now though, so that'll be great fun. I also stumbled over across a few great knitting blogs and sites, including knitting-graffiti/yarnstorming/yarnbombing ones :)

It looks great fun, I just wish I had more time on my hands!

Anyways, gotta post a few pictures on here soon!

Once I sort out the PErsil etc.!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

End of year fashion show

So you might have noticed that in preparation to the fashion show I haven't really had time to write. Well the show went great and my dress was worn by none other than Ireland's current favourite covergirl Jude Nabney. Mr Model said she wasn't too happy with the tights, but that was so the dresser's fault, because she was supposed to put on the black pair and then the red pair but instead of doing them seperately i suspect she put them on simultaneously. God that woman has a walk to die for!!!I tried filming it on my camera but it didn't come out well...Gotta wait for the DVD!

Anyhow, here's a photo of her from last year's fashion show launch...

What is totally funny is, that at last year's show I said to Ailisha that I really wanted her for the 3rd year collection. Obviously we don't have a choice, but hey, got lucky I suppose.

Everybody's collections looked amazing and it was a fantastic atmosphere!!!

I can't wait for next year's show......

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A little money goes a long way.....

So having the actual garments nearly finished my main concern is now styling. At progress reviews my tutors suggested styling outfit 2 (the knitdress ) very sexy and rockchicky.... they also mentioned putting a pair of Doc Martens with it, and since the menswear outfit is styled with a pair of them it seemed like a good idea. Only problem is that purchasing the amazingly printed fabric cost a little fortune and spending around 80€ on a pair of shoes for the show REALLY isn't an option.

So off I went to Penneys in search of a red bra( which they didn't have....boooooooooohhhhhh) and some footwear to customize. I got a pair of rip off converse for 6 euros. One hell of a price difference!

At home I started customizing them with fabric and beads and don't they look fab? I think they even look better than the Iron Maiden Vans! I'd love to be able to wear them but unfortunately the biggest size Penneys had was a 40. I'm a size 42.......ah well, at least I didn't have to spend another 80 quit just on the shoes!

If you do read my blog/follow it/ like it etc. feel free to leave me comments and praise my work :) I think I can be very proud of it!