Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello's been a while

I kinda forgot about this a little to be honest *ashamed face* not much has happened here since the start of a VERY stressful 4th am I glad that that is over....

So what'S new in the world of Turbo(k)nitty?! Well I recently purchased we another Knitting Machine, a Brother KH 830 with a KR 850 Ribber :D YAY!!!!!!!!

I really want to get back into the swing of things after taking pretty much a year killed the buzz for me! So far I've just been playing with my new toy.....oh yeah and I have another new toy! I got myself a Nikon D5000, so hopefully I'll be super creative and get to do loads of photos!!!!!

I finally managed to cover two Armchairs we got of Mr. Grumpy's mum for our sitting room! One of them is my Hello Kitty Armchair, this was done first. and then I finally managed to use up some of the leftover Iron Maiden fabric from my third year collection to make Mr. Grumpy's armchair. However it seems to occupied more by the cat than Mr. Grumpy himself :D

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