Sunday, November 8, 2009

Scary....4th did I end up here??????

Soooo, I'm in 4th year now, how did I end up here? It's scary, the summer flew and despite best intentions to keep my blog up I didn't. Now I'm swamped with work and should be working on my Persil entry, if indeed it actually ends up as an entry.

I got a knitting machine , it's fab, but it's very vintage indeed (1950s is the guess) so I had a few problems figuring it out. I kinda did figure it out now though, so that'll be great fun. I also stumbled over across a few great knitting blogs and sites, including knitting-graffiti/yarnstorming/yarnbombing ones :)

It looks great fun, I just wish I had more time on my hands!

Anyways, gotta post a few pictures on here soon!

Once I sort out the PErsil etc.!


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