Wednesday, March 4, 2009

PDK -Public Display of Knitting

So dear readers and friends, lately I've noticed something very interesting happening to me, whenever I pass the time on the bus or in the airport knitting.

It first occurred last december when I flew home to see my baby nephew and I was working on a "Skull-isle" patterned double knitted scarf for Mr. Grumpy. It is red and black and if I ever finish it I might post the results here. Anyhow, there I was in Dublin airport at around 6am (my flight was at 7...) knitting away on the scarf (I also had Mr. Grumpy's hoody with me but I was doing sleeve decreases and didn't think I could concentrate on almost no sleep, ok I had a snooze on the bus, but that doesn't really qualify) I was knitting away and all these women looked at me funnily....come to think of it I got funny looks and commented on when I was knitting Mr. Grumpy's hoody in Cork airport 2 months previous.

A woman comes up to me (this is Dublin now) and asks me how I got my knitting through security. She herself was an enthusiastic knitter and she was absolutely thrilled to hear of the Denise Needle kit. Since all the parts are detachable and the needles are plastic and not much longer than a biro they easily pass security.
On my way back my flight was approx 3 hrs delayed which really sucked. Out comes my knitting again and an elderly woman commented on it wondering how I worked the pattern.
I also knit a lot on the bus. Traffic in Limerick is so horrendous that it is a good passtime. When I was finishing up Mr. Grumpy's hoody I was just knitting away on the sleeve in the really beautiful Kureyon that I got and an older woman was asking me what I was knitting. Since the hoody is done in one big circular piece (thank god no blocking!!!) I had the rest of it stuffed into my bag.
Last monday I took the bus out to Mr.Grumpy's house. Since it took the bus at leats 10 minutes to take off from the moment I got on it and at least another 20 minutes to get to the end of line
(from there it's ionly a 10-15 minute walk to Mr. Grumpy's....wahey) I had a good 30 minutes to kill.Valuable knitting time! On the bus was a woman with her two daughters(around 8years old) and since I am currently working on a Kimono cardi for myself in a really bright green/blue-ish Mohair I was bound to attract some attention:). I heard one of the little girls asking her mum what it was that I was doing and she kept looking at me and my knitting. She was so fascinated that she asked her mum how knitting worked, but I don't think the mother was a knitting type of person. If that little girl now tries to learn how to knit and has as much fun as I always did, knitting up random leftover balls of my mum's wool, that's at least one little Limerick girl "saved":)
Oh and when I went home in summer I got to rummage through my mum's yarns and take whatever, so she could throw the rest out (sadly she doesn't have the time/patience/eyesight to knit anymore but is always helpful with expert tips). The othe weekend we went to Mr. Grumpy's home home (not a spelling mistake, but an irishism, home home = your parents' house) and in the hall was a massive refuse sack with all sortsa wool and novelty yarns. I was like a little kid rummaging through them for a whole hour at least and I went home with some brilliant stuff!!!
So next time your mum asks you to de-clutter the attic remember: You might find some useful yarns!
On a different note:
It was snowing last night, and by that I mean proper "covering all the grass and no green is peeking out " snow. Spent the night at Mr. Grumpy's (Actually out of seven nights I might spend one or two in my place...) and when we got up the kids across the road had proper big snowmen built on the green!

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