Friday, March 27, 2009

Another collection update


Deadline is Wednesday for both outfit. I'm calm because I have outfit 1 nearly finished (only hems, a collar and a waistband and zip left to do......) and outfit 2 is on its way ( I got the bodice and sleeves knitted and linked)

Photoshoot will be on Tuesday. I'm planning on putting the menswear one in. It looks deadly! I had to match up the print in the front (at the buttonstand) and I have a weltseam on my sleeve so I had to match that one up ,too. but it couldn't be matched up any more perfect and I'm really really happy! My shirt turned a bit more into a really cool jacket and I absolutely love it! I applied some of my print onto the backpockets of the jeans as well because I thought that that would just connect the two garments. The only problem is....HOW AM I GONNA CONNECT THE TWO OUTFITS????????

My tutor was suggesting making a small bag out of the print mixed with some knit. I like that idea. Also I'm thinking of knitting up a long long scarf in the laddered knit to style the menswear outfit. That would connect the two I suppose.......

Well I also took a few pictures, let me know what you think folks!

my knitdress bodice

back of the jeans

back of the jacket

front of the jacket

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