Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good times....

So after having a bit of a lie in this morning (pssssst) I rang Glasgow for my fabric and I should have it by the end of the week! YAY!!!
I then went into college and after making a good bit of progress on my knit yesterday I spent the day working away knitting the actual pieces for the underdress. The machine didn't give me much hassle today for a change (phew thank lord) and I now have the bodice front and back and the underlayer of the bottom front and back knitted. The overdress will be made out of small swatch-sized pieces sewn together. As promised I have a few pictures of my toille (aka prototype) only thing is that's just bits pinned onto a mannequin....
Once I have the fabric all knitted I can stitch the sequins onto it and sew all the bits times!

Also, I'm relieved that it looks like I won't have to dye my kid-mohair now. One thing less to do.

So here a few photos of my knit-piece toille:

I also just stumble d over 2 lovely photos from Paris! one of the Eiffeltower at night, the other one of Ailisha and me in front of the Arc de Triomph....note that I'm not wearing a scrap of makeup and I still manage to look stunning :)

Anyhow, I yet have to write/finish my stupid literature review. It's due tomorrow AAAAARRRGGHHH Panic!
Going to stay in the library until they kick me out at 9 and then *I'm going to Mr. Grumpy's to hopefully watch some Dexter......(I am sooooo addicted at the moment!)

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