Thursday, March 5, 2009

A very annoying day

Despite the fact that I promised to moan less I am very much in the mood to give out at the moment, for a number of reasons.

The first being that my literature review for the Thesis is due next week and I haven't really done much for it. the plan was to do at least half of it today, but unfortunately I really had to sort out my fabric printing dilemma ASAP!

As to why it is a dilemma read the following:

The image I want printed is way to complex for the print department to do as a screen print. Hence I have to get it printed in Glasgow. So I ordered fabric of Whaleys that is pre-treated for printing. As it turns out digitally printing requires another special treatment in the form of a photoreactive solution, which my fabric doesn't have.GREAT! So instead of saving money I wasted it. I now have to order the fabric of the printers as well. My image won't upload on my gmail so I will have to post a CD. Overall I am running out of time. I'm angry and upset and I really wanna throw in the towel today. F F. God only knows what the whole "fun" of getting the fabric done is gonna cost me...

Here the image I'm getting done:

On a more positve note I seem to really be getting there with my knit and am hoping to start on my calculations for the dress tomorrow, which means I'll be able to make it soon! YAY

skipped lunch over the whole printing situation though and had 2 KITKATs instead....I'm hungry...and don't have time to eat :(.

And of course I'm working tonight :(:(

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